a big-ass bonfire

assembling a decentralized tribe.

I know not why so we gather, why we keep these flames alight.
Chasing Truth, we found but darkness, yet here shadows we could spy.
Then tales telling of becoming, and our pasts became undone.
And once journeys intersected, now our futures braid as one.

I, alone in paradoxes, perhaps doubtful, may get lost.
Going nowhere, certain motion, odd horizons lure my course.
Caring for companions truly, mirrors in them I may find.
And reflecting on our nature, dreams on Earth we'll realize.

Artifacts of human hubris, Hell and Heaven will create.
Godlike tools have sure bred demons but their evil can be tamed.
Magick arts to be remembered from the unconscious once again.
Unconditional condition. Sacrificial sacrament.

Hey you, seeker, riding chaos, come next Tuesday.
We'll conspire.


The Bonfire is a non-profit concept around which we gather a physical, self-sustaining, open community. Its goal is to push the boundaries of collaboration and independence thanks to experimental economies.


Bonfires are geographically distributed communities, following key principles. In essence, we are a decentralized tribe.

We serve the wider community by building technologies for decentralization, as well as offering a physical space for expression, work, life.


Our vision is to spread bonfires and to keep them alive.

In our model, firekeepers maintain active bonfires, while firestarters spin off new ones.


The bonfire survives through radical self-reliance. Its members must create tangible value to provide for themselves, the community and beyond.


We flourish on our creations and share our abundance externally. To achieve this, we study cryptoeconomics and explore value creation mechanisms such as gifting.


As self-aware artisans, we praise our legacy but we also hack upon it. We leverage consensus algorithms and new forms of association, such as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, to propel us into the future using a legacy launchpad.

Keep the fire burning